Tuesday, 24 January 2012

40k battle

Here is my first ever attempt at posting a blog so I will apologise in advance. I'm going to keep it basic until I get more comfortable with the UI & stuff.

This battle was fought out a few weeks back at Beanshields (free for all), it's a 40k battle using Imperial guard, Imperial Fist Space Marines, Blood Angel Space Marines & Tyranid Genestealers with a Broodlord.
Each player picked a quadrant & set up.
A few beers & it's ready to kick off.
Imperial Fist Scouts Snipers get into position while the tacticals wait for reports.
It starts to turn sour for the Imperial Guard early on in the battle, the tank gets taken out by an Imperial fist Auto Cannon.
These nicely painted Imperials decide its time to call in some support.
Blood Angels taking the high ground, who will be their next target?
Turn out it was the Imperial Fists, the Genestealers & Blood Angels combine there efforts to take down a Land Speeder. Who would have thunk it!
 Lets mix it up a bit more, send in the flame thrower.
The Imperial Guard take advantage of the turncoat activity to get into cover & set up firing positions.

It turned out to be a fun game if a little crazy at times, I think the Imperial Fist won the feild by the end of the night. 
The photo quality isn’t great as I was using a cheap camera, I will be using my new digital SLR for future postings :)

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