Wednesday, 25 January 2012

WFB Goblins vs Elves & Dwarfs

Here are a few highlights of a recent WFB. My Goblin army are besieging a large castle filled with Elves & Dwarfs. 
The Goblin army are sporting 4 hordes of spear-men, a giant, 3 trolls, 2 regiments of short-bows, 20 spider riders, a level 2 shaman, 2 rock lobbers, 3 spear chukkas, siege tower, ram & a pint of Guinness. 
A few turns in & the Elf long bows & bolt throwers make short work of the giant while the Dwarf cannons scare off a horde of spear-men & spider riders.
The trolls make it to the gates only to have boiling oil poured over them.
The Goblin archers firing from a siege tower proved to be a great tactic, this provided hard cover & combined with a poison banner soon started to thin out the elf long-bowmen.

The shaman definitely took man of the match, single handedly taking out 2 cannons, a bolt thrower & the boiling oil. Foot of Gork seems far too overpowerd (To be fair though, I was using the magic rules incorrectly)

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