Friday, 24 February 2012

Properly motivated

It's been a productive week, I've nearly finished my rifle platoon & I've got 3 & a bit chaos marines painted.
Need to get some grass flock to brake up all that brown.
Quite enjoying painting these guys, it's proving a challenge getting the yellow and black hazard colours on the shoulder pad, I’ve already had to paint over them twice because I wasn’t happy with the results. Seems to have turned out not too bad on the middle marines chain sword.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Battle For The Pass

This is a battle Malcolm & I slugged out on Saturday night, it's one of the scenarios from the 8th ed WFB rules, I think it was Battle for the Pass. The battle is fought down the length of the table & uses a bottleneck, the long table edges represent steep cliffs.
Malcolm is using Skaven & I was using Orcs & Goblins.
The tactically placed scenery proved a problem for my hordes early on, the river (placed by Malcolm) stopped me from sending any heavy units up the middle of the board. That combined with the Orc/Goblin animosity, I knew that I had my work cut out.
 From the other side
My squig hoppers proved themselves by taking out 4 rat ogres in 2 turns, I will need to get a few more of those.
Malcolm's screaming bell ( I think this is the old model) this is the first time I have been up against one of these. note to self, do not shoot it with a bolt thrower as this will cause it to ring :P. And riding on the bell is a level 4 Seer.
Savage Orc Shaman says, I want one of those!
At the end of the night it was Malcolm's Skavens Army that won the pass. A rematch has been demanded!


Let me apologise in advance, I forgot my camera again & had to use my phone so the quality is not great.
Here we have a table David & I set up for a 20mm WWII battle using the Rapid Fire rules. 
I initially thought it was a bit ott but as the name suggests, everything happened pretty fast.

The second turn in & I had lost 2 Sherman tanks, 4 turns in & I lost 6. This was good odds for David as he only started with 3 & I started with 12.(my excuse is flimsy at best, this was my first time playing a WWII game) 
The German Wehrmacht coming up against an allied assault. The quality of the photo does not do the models any justice.
A lot of cotton wool smoke :P
The Allies took victory in the end (I think I had too many tanks). After the big battle we had a smaller skirmish using just the infantry, the Wehrmacht proved the superior force.
Good Game.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Newcastle Queyside

Took a stroll down the Queyside lastnight, nice views.
And theo ther bridge.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Flames of War

My first attempt at painting & basing something that is not fantasy or sci-fi, constructive criticism appreciated :) This is supposed to be a combat platoon consisting of a command ,PIAT team, light mortar team & eventually 3 rifle squads. I'm still trying to get the FoW basing system round my head.

I have had a few tips from Paul P regarding the basing & will be switching to mdf bases as soon as they arrive.
 It's supposed to be a rifle company from the British 3rd division.
I'm no expert, are the helmets the right colour?