Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Battle For The Pass

This is a battle Malcolm & I slugged out on Saturday night, it's one of the scenarios from the 8th ed WFB rules, I think it was Battle for the Pass. The battle is fought down the length of the table & uses a bottleneck, the long table edges represent steep cliffs.
Malcolm is using Skaven & I was using Orcs & Goblins.
The tactically placed scenery proved a problem for my hordes early on, the river (placed by Malcolm) stopped me from sending any heavy units up the middle of the board. That combined with the Orc/Goblin animosity, I knew that I had my work cut out.
 From the other side
My squig hoppers proved themselves by taking out 4 rat ogres in 2 turns, I will need to get a few more of those.
Malcolm's screaming bell ( I think this is the old model) this is the first time I have been up against one of these. note to self, do not shoot it with a bolt thrower as this will cause it to ring :P. And riding on the bell is a level 4 Seer.
Savage Orc Shaman says, I want one of those!
At the end of the night it was Malcolm's Skavens Army that won the pass. A rematch has been demanded!

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  1. Seemed like pretty much a draw to me since Malcolm was retreating with half his army before it ended.

    The plural of skaven is skaven, not skavens - i don't make the rules, i just point them out pedantically rather than doing anything constructive.

    Also squig hoppers are unrealistic (unlike goblins and chaos ratmen) and shouldn't be on any battlefield. Bottle of Tuborg shouldn't be in either army either. It should only be in ultra-modern Danish armies.