Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Warhammer 40k at Carluke Wargamers

It’s been months since my last post. This is mostly due to work commitments but I’ve still managed to get myself down to the club every other week. I’ve still got the Naps bug & been playing GDB every chance I get but  managed to organise a nice sized 40k battle the other week.

IMAG0350                          IMAG0353

We put on a good sized table with the objective of loyalist forces holding the fort in the centre of the table. Cheers Big Malky for lending us all of the scenery.


IMAG0351                                  IMAG0352

There was a nice mix of forces on the table, I was using my (unfinished) Chaos army that I’m painting up in Iron Warriors Chapter colours with some Daemons thrown in for good measure.  

IMAG0367                                   IMAG0368       

On the other quadrant there were some mean looking Necrons, Unsure what chaper/legion they were are as I’m not clued up on Necron forces.

 IMAG0362                                 IMAG0363

The Blood Angels took a bit of a beating, if I remember correctly they were holding on 2 fronts. Chaos on one side & Necrons on the other.


IMAG0370                              IMAG0357

Where would a game of 40k be with ought the obligatory Ultra Marines. It was a bit strange in this case that some were on the loyalist side & others supporting the traitors (David).


IMAG0365                                  IMAG0361

All in all a fun game, took a few turns to get used to the rules again. I have a copy of the new edition rule set & maybe use them in our next game. Probably a good idea to keep it small scale until we have familiarised ourselves with the new edition.


IMAG0369                                     IMAG0360

FYI, the loyalists got humped!


IMAG0364                                   IMAG0366

Got a Naps game planned for this weekend & I hope to be using my Austrians. If I remember my camera I will try & get another post in this month. Until next time.


  1. Brilliant,
    What a stunning battlefield!

    Good to see you posting again Cameron and looking forward to your 1st finished Austrian cavalry.

  2. Great looking pics...and blog!

  3. Looks good mate! Say what you like about the company, the game can be quite fun.